From: Grafton

Great compact device that does it all!

December 17, 2020
I received my camera and couldn’t wait to use it. Normally, I record my travels and family/lifestyle content, but unfortunately given the current world climate, the travel will have to wait. However, I know that for lifestyle content, the features this camera offers are fantastic and will help products stand out. I already have a vlogging camera from a popular brand that most gurus and vloggers use, and while I love it and its features, I was getting frustrated with how bulky and heavy it is. It’s almost akin to carrying around a DSLR all day, except it’s not supposed to be! A vlogging camera is supposed to be compact and easy to carry, while offering great shooting capabilities. Enter the Sony ZV-1. I was expecting it to be heavy and bulky, but it’s not, it’s actually pretty light and compact and fits easily into my hand. I was also shocked at the video quality, and the how easy it is to figure out. The Sony ZV-1 is perfect for those who are always creating, if you wanted to take it out of the box and start creating content, it’s a snap to figure it out. The camera does everything for you! Right out of the box, the only settings I had to configure were the location, date, and time. As soon as the camera was ready to go, everything else was already configured. Even the face detection was automatic. You can easily choose to have the background defocus option on or off, based on preference. You can also set the mode to "intelligent auto", which auto-identifies the scene and shoots accordingly, it can go from 'macro' to 'portrait' and even detect when you're walking. I also love the flip-screen feature and the fact that it flips to the side versus flipping up. I think this makes it much easier to hold on to, but that may be just a matter of personal preference. Battery life is pretty good, unless you are using the 4k feature, however I want to mention that this would be the case on most vlogging cameras, and even on phones. The 4k option if fairly new technology, therefore the tech is not there yet to allow for battery life to last forever. So if you intend to shoot in 4k, make sure to invest in a couple extra batteries and keep those charged and ready to go if you are recording on the go. All in all, I’ve very happy with the features of this camera and the tripod/grip that comes in the vlogger accessory kit that allows for stabilization. I can’t wait to further test it out during travels when everything in the world gets back to normal a little bit.