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From: La Jolla

Great for beginners!

September 29, 2020
If you've been looking thinking about starting a YouTube channel this camera would be perfect and ideal for unboxings, product reviews, food channels, etc. In my videos, I usually review products, unboxing, vlogging, and how-to-tips videos. This camera has a really good frame per a second and does not show any lag when you are showcasing products up close and removing the product from the frame. The auto-exposure and autofocus is superb on this thing! I am so shocked how quickly it focuses on the products I am presenting. I've tried many cameras for my channel and I have finally found one that does the job for me. The footage captured by this camera is sooo good that I don't need to edit much of my videos any more. I don't need to scrap footage. I love the versatility of the LCD screen, because I can see exactly how in frame I am and how its showing as its recording. Instead, of waiting for me to finish filming and realize that I wasn't in frame. I love that there's a little light on the camera that lets you know when you are filming, so you don't ever have to worry about checking the camera whether its recording or its off (that happened a lot with my old camera). Pros: - Skin softening adjustments to 3 different settings. Have a pesky pimple? No worries the camera can blur it out for you. - Great slow motion effect that can go up to 900 frames per a second - Easy grip with the function of the record bottom very easily accessible as well as the zoom - Pretty good battery life, was able to pull off 7 hours of recording time on and off No cons from me. I throughly enjoy using this camera and look forward to creating content with it.... Read More  Hide

Best Portable Vlogging Camera Ever!

October 08, 2020
I own a few different cameras for my social media presence -- IG and blogs and they range in size, quality, etc. This past year my husband even gifted me with a camera to start vlogging with and it just never was convenient enough for me to utilize! Ok, then comes this amazing Sony ZV-1...I cannot recommend this camera enough!!! It is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Here are my top reasons why I love it so very much: 1. It is so incredibly light and compact 2. The camera is able to provide extremely high quality photos/videos in low lighting (so so so pleasantly surprised) 3. The flip screen makes it a breeze to make sure I'm in focus/centered, etc. 4. The handle to actual vlog/take photos of self is genius -- the button to record/adjust image are on the handle 5. I love that when you rotate the flip screen back to it's original setting the camera shuts off. I mean so many incredible aspects of this camera that I am obsessed with. You all need to get your hands on one, you won't be disappointed!!!!... Read More  Hide
From: Shawnee

Best Camera for Vloggers and Reviewers

October 16, 2020
The size is perfect for really any shooting. Super light and has intelligent shooting modes for stills and video. I've used this for a week now and its about to become my main camera for my channel. My YouTube channel is a tech channel receiving over 2.5 million views a month. I shoot from top down or in front of me. Auto exposure is great, no need for corrections. The flip out screen is clutch. Always to the side of camera instead of just up or down. If you need to get a shot of Product, its product detection is fantastic but make sure its on a tripod. The battery does great for 4k recording but will also about 45 minutes. Great for most, but if you need more shooting time, grab an extra battery. Pros: lightweight, great quality for stills and video. Simple button for product shooting. Simple button for background blur. Cons: needs longer battery life for some. Needs wider lens since its mostly for vlogs and arms length away.... Read More  Hide
From: southfield

Nailed It with this Camera!!!

October 16, 2020
This Sony camera is a game changer! If you are looking for a camera that has all the bells and whistles but is easy to operate and has incredible quality. This is the one! I have had the pleasure of using this camera for just about everything! When I tell you the video quality is A1 it TRULY is! The video stabilizer that is built in is perfect for shaky hands. The personalized settings are amazing too like auto- focusing on products was a breeze and it auto adjusted to my face right after! Still shots look like I had an entire studio set up with the auto exposure it was perfect every time. Recording action moments are easy to slow down too. Allowing me to see each moment play by play at my friend’s wedding during cake cutting. No one wants to miss the quick moment of smashing cake on one another. The versatility that the VZ-1 has is all you every expected plus. It makes the transition of being behind the lens capturing moments to vlogging an easy switch. If you vlog/record often the accessory kit is a must! Holding the tripod/wireless remote with the contoured design makes balancing the camera easy. The tripod/wireless remote also has controls for zooming, snapping photos and recording. Simply Bluetooth connect it to the camera and boom. No need for any pesky cords. Plus, getting footage from the camera was easy too. I can send a photo to a friend’s phone, send to my computer, or retrieve from my memory card the old fashion way. I could not be happier. using this camera to take all of my photos for my shop and everything else.This newbie just became a pro with this camera, and I can not wait to capture special moments during the holidays to show the world. I truly feel with this camera I have a new lens on life.(Pun)... Read More  Hide
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