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From: Georgia


June 14, 2014
This is the best camera I have used in years I had just a regular point and shoot until it broke then for about 7 years I have been using my phone to take pictures and they where just not enough so I had looked for a camera and saw the dslrs and I knew I would always be broke because I would want to have all the lens (it's a psychological thing I know) but when I saw this one I just had to have it for its zoom it is just amazing no matter if you shoot far away or close up I have been getting awesome shoots I'm so glad I got a bridge camera and a sony one to boot I have been a big sony fan for quite some time and I proud to say that I still am. Though there are times I'm not able to get the shoot I really want at times but that still okay I'm still new to photography and this is a bridge camera but I'm still satisfied with the shoots I produce. So this is an amazing camera for wanting to get closer to your subject if you are far away and I like that. If you are looking for something to help you to get right in the action but you are far away no worries you will get close on it and without losing detail. This camera is a great buy definitely check it out you won't be disappointed.... Read More  Hide
From: Chicago, IL

Absolutely LOVE this camera

June 25, 2014
I have owned MANY cameras. I consider myself semi pro. I know just enough about manual adjustments to really screw up my photos. :) I decided after many years with several larger DSLRs to go back to a simpler camera that gave me more options than the standard point and shoot. This fit the bill. The zoom is incredible. The intelligent auto really is intelligent. Many options for scenes as well as manual settings. The low light is also very good. I seldom use flash. When you do, you need to be 10-12 ft from your subject otherwise they are over exposed. This camera does great night scenes as well. I have one camera now, no messing around with 3 or 4 lenses and a camera body. I never seemed to have the right lens on my camera when i needed it. Now - its all there all the time! The only negative comment i have and it really is minor is that the rapid shoot appears to be limited to 10 frames and then 15-20 seconds of processing time. Get extra batteries as well... i just returned from a 2 week trip to Europe where i took over 2500 photos. I brought 5 batteries with me as depending on how much you like to use your zoom each one may only last around 300 photos.... Read More  Hide
From: Maryland

Best ever Hybrid camera!

September 16, 2014
Love this camera, great improvements from the model that just replaced. Better LED ease and versatility of use, better sensor and processor, hot shoe for adding a TTL flash and an awesome Wi-Fi connectivity to upload your pictures! ❤️
From: California

Incredible Camera

May 14, 2014
I have no complaints about this camera, in fact it has exceeded all of my expectations. There is no other camera on the market today that can compare with the combination of features, performance, and price of the DSC-HX400/b! The limited amount of available flashes compatible with the "Multi-interface Shoe" is a drawback, but not a mark against the camera it's self. Maybe next year I will be able to afford the HVL-F60M Flash. Until then I will continue to take amazing pictures without it!! Thank you Sony for making such an amazing piece of technology!... Read More  Hide
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