From: shanghai, china

great addition to my shooting gears

November 30, 2013
I produce a video travel show for China YOUKU web site. Have been shooting with the NEX5N/VG20+various E-mount lens. Testing the RX10 for couple of weeks and are impressed by its all-in-one, IQ, swiss-army-knife features. The zoom range, zeiss IQ, mic in, audio monitor, ND filter, silent power zoom, macro, etc., everything that we need is there. Complaints? the power zoom is a little bit slow, battery can last longer, AVCHD codec can be better. But for this price, I am happy with what I got. Was considering a FS700 (much more expensive), but still prefer the more compact & light weight gears. Starting to use RX10 as the main A-cam for most occasions, while using the NEX5N or VG20 as B-cam, for more structured shots with various lens. Did some video test between RX10 & NEX5N, was very impressed with the result. The video link is: btw, just received a7R+FE2.8/35 this week. The full frame sensor definitely create a whole new real estate for expression. Took both cameras to shoot a concert gig last night; I must say the RX10 is simply much more handy & practical, especially for situations where you don't have the time nor energy to keep switching lens.