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From: shanghai, china

great addition to my shooting gears

November 30, 2013
I produce a video travel show for China YOUKU web site. Have been shooting with the NEX5N/VG20+various E-mount lens. Testing the RX10 for couple of weeks and are impressed by its all-in-one, IQ, swiss-army-knife features. The zoom range, zeiss IQ, mic in, audio monitor, ND filter, silent power zoom, macro, etc., everything that we need is there. Complaints? the power zoom is a little bit slow, battery can last longer, AVCHD codec can be better. But for this price, I am happy with what I got. Was considering a FS700 (much more expensive), but still prefer the more compact & light weight gears. Starting to use RX10 as the main A-cam for most occasions, while using the NEX5N or VG20 as B-cam, for more structured shots with various lens. Did some video test between RX10 & NEX5N, was very impressed with the result. The video link is: btw, just received a7R+FE2.8/35 this week. The full frame sensor definitely create a whole new real estate for expression. Took both cameras to shoot a concert gig last night; I must say the RX10 is simply much more handy & practical, especially for situations where you don't have the time nor energy to keep switching lens.... Read More  Hide
From: North Royalton

A Very Powerful P&S Camera - Great Results

September 28, 2014
I received the DSC-RX10 as a Birthday Gift from my wife in February 2014, when the pricing was at $1,300. I had yearned for this product ever since its announcement and initial reviews. It's now late September 2014, and I have utilized this Camera (along my other Cameras) to a very fair degree. Results: It is lightning fast in capturing an image whether you utilize one of the Cameras internal auto or scene settings, or you set your own Speeds, Aperture, etc. Color capture is absolutely excellent, as are the details the 1" Sensor is capable of picking up. I utilize an AF 18-135 Kit Lens which does the job all the way around, and provides some 8.3x Zoom power. I love this product. There are a couple things that I have noticed that could be improved: (1) The Captured Image "processing time" is rather slow in time. I utilize SDHC 40/mbs - 90/mbs Class 10 Cards with the timing not much different. If you Zoom your Lens back in "right after" taking your shot, the Camera LCD automatically displays the "Monthly Calendar" of photos taken! You must wait for your image to be processed which can take 1-3 seconds for even a single shot - not a multi shot setting. (2) If your shot pointed slightly up, or down, at your object you will see preverbal "Rounding of the Corners" (there's a word for it, that I just can not immediately recall at the moment of this review writing). SONY in general, needs to greatly improve their "Detailed User Guides Manuals". You know, the 250+page types containing all the functionalities of usage. Sony uses a cascading type format that is only accessible through a PC or other electronic means, and IS NOT in a traditional Book Type Format the way we all access information. Another words even though you can download these Manuals in a PDF format, you still you can not simply look at their detailed Manuals, and hope to Print a Hard Copy in a Book type format - must access things via electronic means. Yes you CAN print a page or two at a time, but Sony (and other companies) have cheapened the way Owners/Users have access to the usage of the purchased products. Of course Sony NO LONGER provides a Disc (CD) with their products - even this rather pricy Camera product. Also note that as of July 1, 2014, Sony reduced the price of this Camera model to $999 - a $300 drop versus what we paid just a couple months prior. Not real happy about that! I give this product a 5 Star rating because its ability to provide excellent photos, and impeccable live action movies that are some of the best I have ever seen, or used. I utilize other brands of DSLR's, and Sony Alpha DSLT's, and other higher end P&S products. This RX10 is right at the top of the list in my experience, I love it. Improved "detailed" User Manuals and start re-including a CD's is something Sony should and could do better at.... Read More  Hide
From: Clearwater,FL

Great camera with great lens!

March 10, 2014
This camera rocks! It has the Sony's popular 1" sensor along with new processor which is also installed in a7 and a7R! But the real treat is the lens! Sure this camera costs$1300.00 but if you consider that many people who buy DSLRs don't ever upgrade their lens and to get similar lens like those found on RX-10, would cost at least $1000.00 it is a great deal! Real treat would be if the sensor in RX-10 was APS-C but the cost would be little higher a suppose. Great travel/family camera with awesome still and video quality!... Read More  Hide
From: Salem, VA 24153, USA

Terrific Camera

September 27, 2014
The DSC-RX10/B has far exceeded my expectations. I'm so happy with its performance (both still and video). The image quality is stellar. The large F2.8 maximum aperture throughout the expansive 24-200 zoom range has given me tremendous opportunities to express my vision. I'm so happy with the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens. It is flawless. Also,there is something magical about the Bionz X processor. Every image captured seams richer, fuller, capturing unexpected detail, even in low light. Yep, I love this camera.... Read More  Hide
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