Awesome little camera

May 04, 2015
This capable little device has allowed me to put off upgrading my DSLR!
From: Scottsdale

Way more than I expected

May 04, 2015
I didn't think I would love this camera is much as I do. The quality really blew me away. Way better than my Canon.

I started with the RX100

January 03, 2015
RXs are the best point and soot cameras I have ever seen in my entire life, it accuracy is beyod any questions, superb construction and so easy to operate. I still have the RX100 and now I own the three RXs. RX100MIII with the viewfinder and even faster Zeiss lens is unique. Tired of carrying so may weight over muy shoulders with the SLRs when traveling has solutioned my shoulder problem all for all. I highly recommend this amazing camera.... Read More  Hide
From: 78717

Great Camera

May 18, 2015
My wife and I bought one of these for a trip we just took to Italy. I had it for a couple of months before and was able to test it and get comfortable with it. I bought extra batteries and 32M memory cards. Bottom line, this is a great camera. I was able to take photos outside in bright sun light, inside museums (no flash) and it is so easy to turn on, shoot and then turn off. I did buy a leather cover and a shoulder strap. This is a tough little camera. The battery last forever (never had one run out suddenly) The photos I bought home from the trip are great. I highly recommend this camera for what you can do with it.... Read More  Hide
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