From: NJ

Amazing Camera

March 14, 2018
I purchased RX1, 4 years ago and was so satisfied that I decided to buy and gift this to my son in law on arrival of their new baby girl, This is am amazing compact light DRL camera one of its kind with simple shoot features as well as most advanced features, so easy to use. This new model is RX1 II , with a built in view finder.... Read More  Hide
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From: Portland, OR

Great Features Small Package

July 05, 2018
Got Tired Of Luging Around a full size DSLR on my vacations. This camera is great, fits in a shoulder bag with plenty of room for guide book, sunscreen, and snacks. takes great pictures and can download them to my smartphone so I can send them to family and friends. Really happy with this camera. Only drawbacks are 1: its a bit of a power hog so a spare battery is a must. 2: have found the 35mm only lens a bit frustrating at times. (I've learned to do more editing as a result, but being able to zoom from 24mm- 80mm would just make this camera perfect)... Read More  Hide