From: Ormond Beach FL

HT-Z9F 3.1 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

May 02, 2018
I wanted a sound system that was capable of pass through the latest video signals. I also wanted Dolby Atmos reproduction. My viewing area is not suitable for signal reflection. The room is open on one end, has a fireplace with windows and shutters surrounding it on the other end. The wall opposite the TV has a bank of windows with shutters. The ceiling is vaulted with a large fan. In other words, no flat uniform surfaces. The specifications of the Sony HT-Z9F sounded great for my purposes. As soon as they became available I bought one. At first I wasn't too impressed. The sound did not seem like it was coming from all directions like in a theater. Then I configured my DVD player to output a bitstream signal. The soundbar came alive. Closing my eyes and listening to a movie with Dolby Atmos did seem like I was sitting in a theater. Left and right separation was clear. The sound from the movie followed the scenes left and right AND up and down. After hearing how good the 3.1 system was, I purchased the rear surrounds-SA-Z9R. They are a must have for this system. They are wireless except for the power cords. This system is a hoot. Simple, tidy, up to date, and boy does it fill the room with clear, crisp sound coming from small speakers. Movies are so much fun to watch with the added sound effects of Dolby Atmos with this system.