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From: Tucson,AZ

This ampilified soundbar is the BEST

September 09, 2018
“This amplified soundbar is the best I have ever owned.” I have a hard time hearing the voices in shows and movies on my tv. But, I didn’t want to loose the rest of the great sounds too. I bought this to make it easier. It has the best voice enhancement out of any, with several options. Plus, I don’t loose out on all of the other sounds that make shows and movies awesome. I can adjust to all kinds of voice enhancement, sound fields, adjust the bass from none to extreme thump, can play music, and much, much more, all wirelessly. I can even add surround sound back speakers if I want. Excellent product Sony. “Excellent!” Trust me when I say, “you will not regret buying this soundbar.” Regardless of hearing issues, wanting better sound, best for movies, best for apartment living (like me), etc., this soundbar delivers. I know. I have it. I dare you to try it.... Read More  Hide
From: Salt Lake City, UT

Perfect For Some, Great for Most, Headache for Few

January 17, 2019
I bought this Soundbar to compliment our z9f tv and I must admit, I was pretty frustrated with it at first. The sound from the soundbar kept cutting out and even the bass from the subwoofer would cut out at times. I informed Sony of these issues and about a month and a half later they sent me a replacement. This was only after a Sony represtative and I exhausted every possible fix for the soundbar. Right now it works like a charm and is perfect for the apartment my wife and I live in. I should note that it’s possible the early issues could have been due to the hdmi cables used to connect my devices. I bought the belkin ultra fast speed hdmi around the same time I received my second soundbar so I could enjoy the Dolby vision/atmos media I was trying to watch before. As of today (2 months after arrival of replacement soundbar) I am super happy with this product. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because of the early frustrations.... Read More  Hide
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From: Guam

Surprisingly easy to install and work CORRECTLY

January 30, 2019
We bought the HT=Z9F today after reading a number of reviews. We installed it. We prefer HDMI over Bluetooth as we have enough electrical waves in our house so we had to get an optical digital cable and an additional HDMI Cable, but it all works great. We checked it on regular TV, Blue Ray, Apple TV (News and a movie) and so far it works perfectly. We are not "audiophiles" but we like the improvement. Most of all, it was near painless to hook up and get working CORRECTLY with our Sony KDL-52V5100 TV and Sony Blue Ray UBP8X00! We paid $649 for it.... Read More  Hide
From: Maggie Valley, NC

Very Satisfied!

April 25, 2018
I purchased the HT-Z9F last week and added the rear speakers several days later. The sub, and later the rear speakers, connected instantaneously without a hitch. However, the system required some tweaking before I heard the sound I was hoping to hear. I had to activate Bravia Sync on my XBR-43X800D. Then I got out my tape measure and SPL meter and set distances and levels in the Advanced Settings. Non-audio settings required adjustment as well. The IR Repeater is off by default and the HDMI video signal needed to be set to Enhanced. The audio with the Vertical Engine off is a little tinny and not particularly satisfying. However, with the Vertical Engine on, the HT-Z9F really shines. After trying Atmos UHD movies, Apple TV 4K {5.1 LPCM but no Atmos), and music via Bluetooth and ChromeCast, I left Vertical Engine on for everything. The soundstage is wide and high. The included demo material showcases the height effects but Atmos 4K movie effects sound richer and higher in the front rather than anything directly overhead. The bass is plenty powerful. You can tweak as you wish easily via the remote. The soundbar alone is very good and can fill a small room but the rear speakers definitely improve the experience. And it can get LOUD… I have the HT-Z9F plus rear speakers in my small to medium sized office and they completely fill the room with excellent sound that has exceeded my expectations. My wife, an AV Luddite, even said “Wow! Impressive!”... Read More  Hide
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