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From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Crystal Clear Consistency

May 13, 2019
Switch from Nikon 5300 to Sony a6400 was in comparison a night and day difference in quality when it came to the percentage of clear photos against slightly blurry photos. With the Nikon it was like gambling to get 50% satisfaction to an almost a 100% clear photos with the Sony a6400. As a professional producer and promoter of events I need to be able to trust the camera to make great decisions using AUTO mode as things fly by during an event. The Sony a6400 gave me the kind of results I could depend on for television and marketing purposes. I am super satisfied!... Read More  Hide
From: St. Petersburg

Great pictures

January 06, 2020
Easy to use and set up. I used a few YouTube videos for helping with explaining each setting. The only thing that doesn't make sense and will hopefully be fixed in future updates is the human and animal eye recognition. You have to go in manually to specify which one your getting ready to photograph each time. It would be nice just to point at either and the camera automatically knows which is which. Animals and children wont wait for you to fumble your way through the menu to set the human or animal setting. Other then that so far it's a great camera with stunning photos.... Read More  Hide
From: Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic first Mirrorless

May 19, 2020
The Sony a6400 takes a bit of time to learn up front but once you are acquainted it is a powerful tool to bring your photography game to the next level.
From: NY

Awesome specs and quality is crispy af

June 09, 2020
when i bought this it was sort of an adventurous move but after using it i really loved how crispy it is like wow, thanks sony
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