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From: New Jersey

Great camera, missing essentials

April 19, 2014
My review will be short as I've just received the camera and have not had a ton of time to play with it. I'm familiar with the Nex line coming from my 5N so I don't expect there to be much about this camera that I dislike. The menu system is different and requires a bit getting used to, but that is minor. The camera feels solid in your hands, looks sleek and professional and the auto focus is FAST. My biggest gripe is not actually with the camera itself, it is with Sony's lack of included essentials. The 'kit' did not include a body cap for the camera nor a back cap for the lens - these are two large oversights in my opinion. What am I supposed to do when I go to put a different lens on the camera in order to protect the lens innards from dust and dirt? Or when I pack up the camera and my lenses into a bag, I am unable to protect the sensor of the camera because a body cap (which is actually in the description of what is included in the kit on the website) was not included? I am extremely disappointed by the lack of these two items because now I have to go purchase and wait for them to arrive seperately.... Read More  Hide
From: Athens, GA 30606, USA

Made a believer out of me!

June 03, 2015
We needed an upgrade from a decent but slow camera. After research, I narrowed down to a Sony a6000. It's like a dream come true. All the features of the camera can make even a beginner seem like a professional. The auto focusing, tracking, 11 fps, and the list goes on. Best price for a camera that compares with high end professional cameras.... Read More  Hide
From: Phoenix, AZ, USA

@6000 Best Ever?

May 16, 2015
great camera with professional features packed into an affordable package. You get more than 11fps and I have never seen any camera focus faster than this one. It is even possible to change the focal point by using the fine focus adjustment. Do not be warned off by what appears to be the many complexities of this awesome camera. Even if you just use a few settings because you can program them for use with a touch of one button. So many options and ways to shoot and so little time..... Read More  Hide
From: 10011

Half a great package

December 27, 2014
The camera body is excellent, but the lens selection is a BIG disappointment. In particular the lack of fast zooms. Anyone moving from the world of Canon and Nikon DSLR's is used to be able to get quality f/2.8 zooms, and there's one crazy fast f/1.8 Sigma zoom available. But in the e-mount world, the quality zooms only go to f/4. Very dissapointing.... Read More  Hide
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