From: 97219

The "Jack of All Trades"

June 02, 2015
You can't beat this camera for features at this price. DSLR's at three times the cost can't beat it!!
From: 90230

February 19, 2015
Everything is great and exceeds expectations except the on-line manual is not particularly user friendly and lacks a really usable index of topics and techniques. A lens cap that attaches to the kit lens would be nice.
From: 10918

Awesome camera

April 12, 2015
Fantastic camera. I find it easy to use. Takes great pictures with very little effort. Really hard to mess up a photo opportunity. With the on-board help feature I am learning new things about photography every time I use the camera. Highly recommend this to every one regardless of their experience.... Read More  Hide
From: 92708

Great camera

May 04, 2015
Only have a600 for 2 weeks. No problems & easy to use. Bought adapter for my old Nikon lenses works great. I am glad I kept my old lenses
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