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From: TGU, Francisco Morazán Department, Honduras

Astonishing Pictures

March 13, 2017
I love the pictures, their definition, the great detail, the awesome effects I can make straight out of the camara... The bokeh effect, how I can play with all the focusing spots...incredible... The ease of use, compared to other brands Sony is very user friendly. But to this greatness I have found several disavantages: after a long shooting session, I have to reset the camara by taking the battery out to be able to power it again if it turns off, Sometimes the focusing goes beserk after a long shooting session... It is not compatible with all transreceivers, found out finally its compatible with PocketWizard...I have upgarded the OS, this improved the LEDs touch sensitivity, and some little quirks... overall a great camara.... Read More  Hide
From: USA

Lightweight and great features

February 23, 2017
Going from a Canon Rebel xTI to this is going to take some getting used to. This is so lightweight and compact and the pictures are amazing. It's an all around camera due to the video ability which my old Canon did not have. I'm so used to having my iPhone I stopped carrying a camera, now with the a6500, it will be my new companion. A tad bit too pricey in my opinion because I am not sure it can honestly compete with a true professional camera that has better quality features in the same price range. Having a feature for just "My Customizable's" or something to that would be great under the function, which needs some organization. I purchased the a6000 model the day before and it stopped working after reading reviews, I decided when I returned the camera I would might upgrade to the 6300, I wanted the a6300 but was told it was being pulled completely and the store I purchased my camera from no longer was stocking them, that's when I actually made the decision to 'dig deeper' and get the a6500. The weather 'resistance' and upgraded features over the 6000 & 6300 was a seller but the cost was not. I also purchased Sony's E mount E30mm/F3.5 Macro lens and Sony's Handicam Cyber-Shot flash along with a UV filter and Polarized filter. Forgot the stupid spare battery! Haven't figured out how to change the camera from 60fps to 120fps - just read that on a review but they did not explain how do it. Purchased on 2/22/17 .. going to do my first actual pictures today 2/23 of my grandson...... Read More  Hide
Bird Man
From: Northern California

Love this camera

August 07, 2017
I upgraded from the a6000 to this a6500. Loved the a6000 but really love this a6500. The focus is faster and tack on most of the time compared to the older version and way better than my old Nikon. I shoot wildlife mostly birds. I purchased the 70/300 G lens for it which to my understanding brings it up to a 450mm on the smaller formate. Have taken some great photos of peregrine falcons flying and diving. Can't get a faster critter than that to photograph and the focus does an amazing job. Would like to see Sony make more long range telephoto lenses that will work with this camera.... Read More  Hide
proud dad
From: cc,texas

Stunning Camera

September 03, 2018
I have had many Sony cameras and this one by far is the best one yet...Took pictures of my daughter with ease but with pro results ....She already wants me to become Great camera thanks for the memories...
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