From: 98801

My dream camera!

June 14, 2015
This camera is delivering the sharpest, most inspiring photos I've ever taken! As I'm learning the MANY user-friendly features encompassed in this compact, full-frame wonder, I'm absolutely amazed at the results I'm seeing. Combined with the growing quiver of beautiful Sony lenses I'm slowly accumulating, my ability to create breathtaking images multiplies by the day. I'm loving the journey this is taking me on!... Read More  Hide
From: Orlando, FL, USA

Best Compact Full Frame

April 21, 2015
Love this camera, its easy to use but has the manual control for when you feel like experimenting or giving your photos that creative depth! Fairly quick, beautiful shots in light, or low light. Stabilization system works flawlessly for me! Glad to see that Sony is releasing more full frame e mount lenses!... Read More  Hide
From: Portland

Well Worth the Money

April 06, 2015
Upgrading to a full frame camera, this is so much lighter and easier to use than other cameras. Photos are dazzling and clear and detailed. Once learnt all the gimmicks, the buttons and design were smooth. Would love more lens options and be lighter still, but carrying hiking with a backpack, much easier.... Read More  Hide
From: Brazil

A game-changer

May 06, 2015
A great camera. Full frame premium sensor, five axis in-body stabilization... The electronic viewfinder is a wonder, and even better than the one I was used to with the A77 I already had. Forget about "chimping" at the LCD after each shot as other brands users will keep being used to: you only take the eye from the viewfinder when you want to. After all, the image you see there is already VERY close to the picture you will take (the camera is smart enough to take in account ISO-shutter-aperture settings, of course), and even if you want to review it you will be able to do that there in the viewfinder. This revolutionary approach changes your way of capturing what you see.... Read More  Hide
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