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From: Barrington

Picturtastic options galore

October 08, 2021
I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion. Sony has outdone themselves. We received the newest Zv-e10 and began to check it's features. So far every feature we discovered has been a game changer. Love how the camera focuses automatically to products and you can blur your background, also the interchangeable lens makes this an everlasting camera with a wide array of lens options. Our mic is amazingly clear also with background noise at a minamall your sure to get your message to your audience without any issue. Sony has made apps that can make downloading and uploading your content very easy. We Evan had fun with YouTube live as it was easy to setup with USB c and your computer it evan becomes a state of the art webcam! Content creators can rejoice as the Sony Zv-e10 is built for ease of use and portability. We enjoy our little content creator powerhouse and recommend this to others.... Read More  Hide
From: New York

Amazing camera for the price!

October 13, 2021
Most cameras of this nature nowadays are much more expensive and can require much more time to understand and learn about the actual camera itself. This camera not only is very reasonably priced for what it offers, is extremely easy to use and get around with! I have no knowledge of using cameras in this manner and it took me a short time to learn the basics and be able to use the camera for pictures and videos. The ease of use and quality of videos it takes are honestly amazing. The fact that it is so compact and easier to transport is an added bonus especially when taking a trip! We truly enjoy the camera and would definitely recommend. I received this product at a discounted rate, in exchange of my honest opinion.... Read More  Hide
From: North Easton

Upping the ante for Vlogging

October 13, 2021
I received the ZV-E10 camera at a discount for my honest review. I was was excited when this campaign dropped for a couple of reasons. For one I have never had a mirrorless camera before, and secondly although the cell phone has a really good camera, it's still a cell phone. I am just getting serious with YouTube and Vlogging so this camera came at a perfect time. This camera is taking over for the cell phone and a Sony RX100III for Vlogging purposes. In fact it's going to be my main camera for videos and stills. With 4K video and a 24MP camera, that should cover all the bases. I quickly went out and purchased a Sony Flash and Vlogging kit which includes a remote/tripod and 64GB SD card. The kit also included a 16-50mm lens, not just the body which makes this camera ready to go out of the box For somebody less experienced with an interchangeable lens camera, there is a slight learning curve to get benefit of all the features. As of the writing of this review, I still have plenty to learn. I love the articulating screen which makes shooting from all angles, including selfies, pretty straight forward. It does not have a viewfinder, but that isn't all that important to me. It has a hot shoe for a flash and external microphone. The built in grip on the body makes it easy to hold for normal shooting and selfies. This camera is built as a vlogging camera, and as such, it's a video first camera. Taking videos is easy. There is a large red circled button on top to start shooting videos. You know you're shooting because a red box outlines the display. There's a button on top to quickly switch modes between videos and stills. The camera has lens and digital stabilization which works fairly well. The built in microphone works surprisingly well which for now will save me $'s from purchasing an external mic. The quality of the videos and stills are excellent, limited only by me still in the learning stage of perfecting the settings. Auto focus is fast, and product showcase set and background defocus are a bonus. It's light with the included lens which makes a vlogging session easy. You can also USB stream. I would definitely recommend this camera. I cannot say that if you are not vlogging or into YouTube that this would be the best choice, but it's a budget friendly camera that I feel does well as a daily use camera in addition to its advertised use. It's a thumbs up from me.... Read More  Hide
From: Laguna Niguel

Great upgrade from my Sony A6000 Camera

October 13, 2021
I bought this camera as an upgrade to my Sony A6000. So far I am very pleased with this camera. This camera has full 4k resolution for video with built-in image stabilization which I found works fairly well. I found this camera to be slightly smaller and slightly lighter than my A6000. One of the best things is that this camera works with all of my old E-mount lenses that I had and used with my A6000. Image quality is clear and crisp. The sound recording is excellent. The only one small minor thing I don't like about this camera is that it does not come with a built-in flash. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.... Read More  Hide
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