From: NJ

Grand,speaker-like experience;plump+organic images

December 29, 2017
I've had this for almost a year and feel they are a real breakthrough in headphones. It's a big, grand sound along with palpable, natural images with real-life spatial portrayal. They are not fatiguing, especially with the optional Sony-Kimber headphone cable made especially for the Z1R (available at Amazon). The Z1R to me has a wonderful warm resonance that does sound aggressive, but is still uncannily real. The music flows but has real impact and humanity. You may want to give up on speakers with these headphones. It's a unique sound that you will not find with any other headphones. Many high end headphones can be shrill and painful in the name of a vivid sound, but that can be hard to live with. Not the Z1R, it is inviting while also resolving, with a balanced sound that is riveting and still supremely musical and detailed. And it's very comfortable too. It is best with a good, fairly powerful amplifier. The Z1R is a real cure for over-shrill digital sound. It sound analog, almost vinyl-like with any digital input. It's an awesome achievement for Sony IMHO.... Read More  Hide
From: Queens, New York


January 17, 2018
I am a Professor & two of my students purchased this Headphone. Invited me to enjoy music using this headphone. Splendid feeling,hard to describe it reception simply excellent. Both students describe it their immaculate treasure.

Excellent headphone

February 04, 2018
My brother gift me the headphone and I think this model is the best headphone ever i used.
From: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Best headphones for Pop Music

July 05, 2018
I've owned several other headphones including AKG K601, Sennheiser HD 598, Sony MDR-1A and Sony MDR-Z7, and in my opinion this pair of Z1R is the best so far for pop music, the sound is rich and well balanced, I just wanna listen to every song I have for once more. I really appreciate the use of the newly designed acoustic filter. However, I'm not happy with was the plastic housing, the metal housing used on the Z7 model seems to be much more durable and scratch-resisting. Also, the coating on the hanger is easy to wear off and get tin point too if you are not careful enough. These are well solved problems on the older Z7 and I don't know why Sony didn't adopt the merits from their old model.... Read More  Hide
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