From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Under-rated: Comfort and SOUND!

April 17, 2022
I'm a musician, a teacher, and a longtime fan of SONY products. I have SONY in every direction I look, from televisions, cassette players, CD players, and HEADPHONES. I have a worn-out pair of MDR V600s, a very nice pair of WH-1000XM3s, and I recently got the MDR-Z7M2s. I needed a very high quality, high resolution headphone for for music production in my studio, including for composing and ultimately for mixing. I did a lot of research, and there are a bunch of good cans you can choose from. I tried the very highly rated Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pros and the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pros....and well, I returned both for pretty much the same reasons. Both models were sonically boring, and required a ton of power to get going. And both were much too heavy for my use. I read a review of comparable products and saw the SONY MDR-Z7M2s mentioned briefly. But the reviews I found were un-flattering. I took a chance. I've had such great luck and success with SONY products over the years. I couldn't afford their flagship MDR-Z1Rs, but the MDR-Z7M2s compared favorably. I ordered a pair, and there's been no looking back. ONCE AGAIN, I have gone with SONY for being innovative in research and design, and for making very high quality products that will last. I love the sound of the MDR-Z7M2s. I won't manufacture a bunch of irrelevant and unsubstantiated fluff about "soundstage" and whether this-or-that is crisp or muddy. When I put my SONYs on they sound rich, punchy, crisp, accurate, fun...and they FEEL GREAT. They are comfortable, they are not heavy, I can wear them for hours. The exude build quality, both when you hold them in your hands and when you put them on. They are efficient, and I can drive them easily with my audio-interface in my studio. As an aside, they sound GREAT with my phone, but their primary job is in my studio. I did pick up a portable balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier to use with my phone and the combination of the SONYs and the DAC is incredible. Again, SONY has made me a very satisfied and loyal customer. Don't believe the hype about other cans, and the fact that some reviews have ignored the SONY MDR Z7M2s. The SONY is a very good product, design and sound. Once again, SONY is the premiere in sound quality, build to last, professional products.