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From: Iowa, USA

Studio Sound on the Go!

March 20, 2020
I have owned several pairs of Sony earbuds and headphones over the years. These are another great example of Sony quality and excellent value. I have owned a pair of MDR-V150 for years and and the sound from these is nearly as good. One key improvement is the comfort, as I could wear these all day. Also, the cable is just the right length, and the plug fits into my Android phone even while inside my protective case. No more ear buds while I'm walking around the house doing chores, etc. I can even take a call if interrupted. Great job Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Portugal

Amazing headphones for the pricepoint

June 14, 2021
I bought these online at half price not expecting much. Im gonna be honest, im a huge sony fan but the bass on this model is a little bit low. The midrange notes are good and the high's don't disappoint. Overall a good choice for budget sound. Microphone is at par with other sony headsets. The only thing it's missing is dedicated volume buttons... Read More  Hide
From: Philadelphia, PA

Didn't work at all so upset

June 15, 2020
Bought yesterday they don't work neither does the Bluetooth speaker I bought with them