From: Seattle, WA, United States

Really close to great

September 07, 2017
Right to the one thing I wish was different; fixed cable for the "Plug-in Plate." For travel, one can always take the small single battery chargers; however, it would have been nice to haul the Multi Battery Kit instead. On the plus side, taking several single battery chargers means you have a spare. I'll probably attach it to my camera stand in studio and leave it there. Naturally, does the job of charging batteries well. It's a bit of a complex device for what it does, but not an issues for me. If you have two or more a9 bodies, you'll most likely have at least four batteries, so this is a nice way to charge them. Keep in mind, it does not charge a single battery faster than the single charger, so four batteries take 480-600 minutes from empty to full charge. It wold be very unusual for me to have more than one or two discharged, so not an issue. If I found myself having more discharged batteries (using two bodies), I'll buy additional batteries.