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From: LA


May 13, 2015
It work wit my A7s , with power zoom lens 18-200 E month you can turn camera on/off zoom out and zoom in T/W working Record botton working the only problem for me only is i couldn't find 25 feet cable to connect the camera from jib/crane's head to place that operator stand.... Read More  Hide
From: LosAngeles/AshevilleNC

Works OK, but........

May 08, 2014
The rocker switch has a 'course' rather than 'fine' feel to it. Difficult to be precise for our shooters and perhaps other camera operators will have a more deft sense of touch. A big negative is this remote mounts on the pan bar at a 90 degree angle rather than inline as most remotes and LANC controllers do. Since this device has no competition, users (of PJ540's anyway) are sort of stuck with it. But, since it is the only game in town, it's better than not having a remote.... Read More  Hide

can not take picture with HX300

November 21, 2013
all functions work with HX300 , zoom, focus, video record, power on -off,except for the 2nd push to actually take a photo. that's a big problem since I got it eliminate hand shake when shooting stills with extreme zoom.
From: Springfield, IL 62704, USA


June 08, 2015
Tell me I didn't just buy a ridiculously overpriced disposable shutter release. Can't find the the battery cover? Bad enough I didn't have any other options for a cable release.