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Works well with the a7RIII

July 14, 2019
I already owned the IR remote but I needed to trigger the shutter from a position where line-of-sight would not work, that's why I bought this bluetooth remote. It does work well with the a7RIII and it does provide a quick shutter release but with ONE BIG CAVEAT: You cannot use GPS tagging and this remote at the same time! Apparently the camera can only handle one bluetooth connection at a time. Boo! Another minor inconvenience is that to go back to the IR remote, you must re-enable "IR Remote Ctrl" in the menu which is fine but unfortunately, you cannot assign this to the function menu or to a custom button! Also, these two functions are in different areas of the menu: "IR Remote Ctrl" is in Setup3/Tab3 and "Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl" is in Network3/Tab3. Finally, you can only use the zoom buttons if you are NOT shooting RAW! Say what?!... Read More  Hide
From: Dawson PA

Expensive but useful.

October 02, 2019
I needed a remote because the cheap IR device I had been using needed a battery. This item is a new product so I gave it a try. It works just as advertised. I still think it is way too expensive for all it does. Adding the touchless shutter app to the firmware would have given me all I really needed. I have used this device to trigger the camera while taking family group shots so for that it works exceptionally well. I also like not having to open a flap on the side of the camera when connecting. And yes, it works from a reasonable distance away from the camera. And yes, it works from behind the camera outside in bright sunlight, something the IR device struggled with. I recommend this device to anyone that has enough disposable cash. At $20.00 U.S. this device would get a HIGHLY RECOMENDED.... Read More  Hide