From: Washington, D.C.

SAL-1118 11-18mm f4.5-5.6 Zoom Lens

June 19, 2011
Using this lens with the alpha55 I was able to capture high quality images under both interior and exterior lighting conditions, Unlike the earlier reviewer, I did not experience any edge-related chromatic abberations. Most recommended.
From: caribbean

wide-angle lens

September 14, 2013
Couldn't be happier! I was looking at wide angle lenses and got stuck between 2 sony lenses (one of which was a carl zeiss. Im too lazy to look them up :P). So I went to my dealer who only had this lens in the wide- angle section, and i'm glad i chose it. It had a discount so i can't argue over the price. Quality is pretty good, with almost no noticable barrel distortion from what i've seen, and I also haven't seen any chromatic abberation or what so ever yet. I highly recommend this lens to anyone who needs some extra stuff from up close or just for daily use.... Read More  Hide
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From: Chattanooga, TN

Great Lens for Many Uses

March 22, 2012
I use this lens a lot, mostly for real estate/home interior shots. I purchased it specifically to get some great shots of a home theater that we submitted for an award, and have used it in nearly every home installation that we have done since. It has great color, and you never run out space to fit an entire room into a shot. I have dabbled a bit with portraits with this lens as well, and landscapes are great, but you have to be careful of the distortion that can occur with the wide angle.... Read More  Hide
From: Mexico city

Great wide angle rectilinear lens!

July 11, 2019
I really like this lens. Use it with a nex 3n and now with a a7II (at 15mm it fills the sensor)
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