From: Yuma, AZ

De facto Standard…

September 02, 2012
Ok, just so you know I’m one picky bas…! Having sold my Leica gear including my Leica super-primes I know a thing or two about quality glass. When I decided to buy the A900 and this wonderful lens I knew I was buying the very best combo for portraits. I can say without any hesitation this is the pinnacle of the lot. Some will list the size and weight as a ‘con’ but that’s like saying that gold is too heavy for the shelf in your safe. To be fast, it has to have a large enough surface area to gather light. To produce quality with precision it takes time and raw materials. Please, if you want to list a ‘con’ then try and come up with something more meaningful. Personally, I don’t like the fit-up between the lens hood and the lens body. Love the metal hood but the connection is flaky (like all Zeiss lenses) as the hood falls off easily during typical street use. In the end it’s an excellent choice for low-light venues or stunning portraits. It will increase in value if you ever decide to sell it.