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From: Dallas, TX, United States


August 03, 2017
My first ultra wide zoom in this focal length. In the past I have only used ultra wide primes. The biggest drawbacks with ultra wide lenses is the tendency for flare and ghosting. This lens at all focal lengths has very little if any, even shooting into the sun. The images are so sharp corner to corner and has amazing clarity and contrast. I shoot mainly stills, but it has a wider throw for manual focus video if that's your thing. The light weight body of the lens makes it a wonderful lens to keep attached and shoot all day. It's an f/4, but with landscapes I don't shoot anything less than f/4 and usually much higher. I have had it for just a few weeks and have kept it on my body the entire time. It has less of the flaring/ghosting of any of my prime ultra-wide lenses and is much sharper. As far as any chromatic aberration, I have not seen any. My only drawback is no filter ring which unfortunately is too common in ultra wide lenses. I enjoy using ND filters for long exposure images. Hopefully an attachment will be available soon. If landscapes, architectural or astrophotography is your genre this is definitely a winning lens. I know I will get many years out of this gem!... Read More  Hide
From: Medellín - Antioquia, Colombia

This is a great wide angle lens

December 10, 2017
It was very difficult get a nice wideangle for Sony. When I work with A mount I get the Sigma 12-24. One of the most sharpest lenses in market over the competitions. I was very happy with that lens. Now Sony launch this gem. I shot with both Sigma and this one to test them. The Image quality of this sony is superb compared to Sigma, this one have more detail (sharpness) better corners detail (Very difficult for this kind of lenses) and can't see any color aberration. it is light, well build and if you read the specs or see the pictures you can see that you will need a filter system to atach any filter to this lens. actually that is more easy for my have a filter system that get tons of filters of any diameter for all my lenses. You can play with this lens and never get tired, it is a very fun lens as great for indoors photography, architecture, landscape.... Read More  Hide
Ben F
From: USA

Super Wide and Sharp

February 01, 2018
I've owned the lens for just over 6 months now. It is the widest I have used and really like the 12mm option. Shooting for years with a 15mm prime, I was surprised at the additional reach of the extra 3mm in focal length. I must say it is every bit as sharp and perhaps sharper than any of the wide primes I’ve used. I rarely have used the faster f/2.8 in my other wide lenses since most of my work is in landscape and architectural/interior photography, so f/4 suits me quite well. For astrophotography f/4 will force your ISO to obviously increase. I found f/11 to be somewhat of the sweet spot for landscape. The starbursts at f/22 are amazing. It is a very light yet quite rugged/solid lens which, added to the mirrorless body, is nice at the end of the day. Distortion is always the biggest issue with shooting the super wide lenses. There is certainly a touch of edge distortion & stretching as with any super wide lens. At 24mm this is nearly unnoticeable. For those new to super wide zooms, with 12mm you will have to really focus on your camera positioning and almost learn to shoot all over again. After you master it, it's hard to take the lens off your camera body. 12-24mm is very versatile for landscape work and with this sharp lens you will get some fantastic images. The biggest gripe I have heard is the fact it does not have filter threads. Although it may be frustrating to some, I purchased the adapter from NiSi since I already use the 150mm ND filters. This is fairly common with the other makers as well. The rectangular ND filters tend to me far more versatile anyway. At the end of the day, shooting with such a wide zoom lens can really make a big difference to your photography.... Read More  Hide
From: Miami, FL

Great lens for architecture landscape work

April 07, 2018
The ultra wide angle FE 12-24mm lens is great for architecture, real estate or landscape photography, where a faster apeature may not be enssential. The lens produces sharp/contrasty images with minimal distrotion (when corrected in post) The AF is fast and acurate and is of the silent type with no noise when motor is working. Slightly pricy but it's the one of the few (or maybe the only) native lens option that you'll have for 12mm coverage.... Read More  Hide
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