From: St. Petersburg, Florida

Stunning crystal clear sharp corner 2 corner photo

January 26, 2020
Yes its expensive....but worth every penny. If you own the Sigma 16mm this lens is about the same weight and length. It has amazing sharpness, color, clarity, contrast...I can go on and on. I'm very happy with my purchase and you will be too.
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From: Oklahoma City, OK

Perfect travel lens!

February 29, 2020
I used to travel with the Sigma Trio for Sony APS-C: 16mm, 30mm, 56mm F/1.4 and the quality was amazing. However, being the heavy traveler that I am (up to 6 continents this year, yes, I said continents, not countries!) I need something more travel friendly. Switching between 3 primes was just soooo annoying. This 16-55mm G lens gives me just as good as image quality and now the extra convenience. Also for travel, I found myself shooting a lot of environmental portraits at F/2.8 - F/5.6. For example if the background is too blurred (i.e. Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian pyramids) then it doesn't show the beautiful scenery. Therefore I am not missing out much on the Sigma's F/1.4 at all. Now all I need is for Sony to make a APSC super wide angle zoom version 2 (update the Sony E 10-18mm f/4 to a GM or G series!)... Read More  Hide
From: Illinois

Just Like My Old Nikon But At Half The Price

August 05, 2020
I bought it as an XMAS gift to myself. I had an almost identical spec'd Nikon 16/55F2.8 with LINEAR MOTOR for my D90. It was huge and heavy. It had a relatively fast lens, and a focal length range for 95% of photos I took. The Sony is smaller, lighter, and has a linear motor. Linear motors focus instantly and silently. If shooting candid shots, you will not miss focus. Everyone rants at the cost of the Sony. Well the Nikon was $2500, 16 years ago! Even at street prices, the Sony came out cheaper.... Read More  Hide
From: Seattle WA

My favorite lens for my Sony a6400

August 18, 2020
Versatile and very sharp lens, even at 2.8 aperture. This is my go to lens. It's almost perfect. The only thing I wish is that it has OSS
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