From: Los Angeles

Very sharp lens

December 22, 2014
Tested this lens on a6000. The pics are very sharp.
From: colorado USA

Brings out the full potential of the NEX7

November 03, 2013
I searched high and low this year for a great lens for my NEX 7 that I have had since it was released. And this is truly one fantastic lens. It truly brings out the full potential of the NEX7, making it a fantastic travel camera. I pop iy in my bag with my iPad and macbook Pro and I am good to go without having to lug a ton of gear around. I own a Nikon D800, D7100, Fuji X100s, and my iPhone, and I have more fun with this lens and this camera combo than any of the others. The only drawback I have seen so far is autofocus in AF-C mode. At times the camera hunts and focus is slow. Otherwise no complaints whatsoever. It is truly great fun to shoot with this combo.... Read More  Hide
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From: New York

Pricey but a keeper

June 13, 2014
I've been waiting for a better quality daily lens for my NEX 7 to replace my kit and this one pretty much it. The lens is solidly built, light and good looking. Performance wise, very clear , fast and performs well on low lights. I was little bit hesitant because of the price but got it anyway. I brought it on my travel to Europe and so far have been satisfied with the results. My NEX 7 now has a perfect partner. I also have 35mm F1.8 Prime lens in addition to the standard kit.... Read More  Hide
From: Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Great walkaround lens

January 21, 2015
This Zeiss lens is a great walkaround lens and as a replacement for the kit lens. While a bit pricey, the improvement in image quality as compared to the kit lens (SEL1650 for my NEX6) is leaps and bounds. A f2.8 aperture would make this lens even better, but then the lens may end up too big and heavy to be useful as a walkaround lens.... Read More  Hide
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