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From: Princeton, NJ

Excellent pictures

February 17, 2018
I have an a6300. I bought the 18-135mm e-mount lens to have a single lens with nearly the range of my separate 16-50mm kit lens and 55-210mm tele lens. I was at first negatively struck by the weight of the new lens compared to my tiny kit lens and even the tele. However, that negative impression was overwhelmed by the difference in picture quality. My other two lenses, especially the kit lens at its high end, have trouble with focus and stability. I lose a decent percentage of pictures with these, again especially with the kit lens. The new 18-135mm is focusing well and seems to me to have much better stability. My success rate of quality pictures is past 95%.... Read More  Hide
From: Brighton,CO

Great Lens!

February 19, 2018
I bought this lens yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out. The lens performs as advertised. Clear, crisp photos even when zoomed all the way in. Low light is another story but I knew that going in. The ability to manually switch between Auto and Manual focus was a big selling point for me (the 18-105mm E Mount didn't have this feature). The lens is extremely light and focusing is smooth. Highly recommend.... Read More  Hide
From: North California

Just what the doctor ordered

March 26, 2018
Anyone buying this lens probably wants to consolidate the two kit lenses into one all around lens. You get exactly what you're looking for and even get a little better quality. I'm no pro but I know when my pictures look good and I have no complaints about this lens. The zoom lens only sticks out about an inch and a half and works very smooth. The focus wheel also works well. It doesn't feel bulky at all and the optical stabilization is included. My prime lens (nifty 50) gets better low light photos but if you only want to carry one lens this is it.... Read More  Hide
From: Los Angeles Ca.

Love it love it, excellent lens

March 28, 2018
I took these picture at the Japanese garden in Van nuys CA. I used my Sony A7RIII with the Sony 18-135mm
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