From: Budweis, Czech Republic

Great addition to the SEL100400GM

October 26, 2018
Since 6 months now, I am using this teleconverter with the G Master FE 100-400mm super-telephoto zoom lens (SEL100400GM), mostly for wildlife photography. Converting that lens to 200-800mm range, it allows me to get close-up shots of small birds and animals that are quite far away. I am absolutely happy with the image quality even in this combination (usually using it at 800mm), and with modern cameras like the A7 series, allowing high ISO setting with little loss of quality, the small aperture is no problem for the speed. Thanks to the image stabilisation and light weight I can even use it without a tripod, and routinely do that.... Read More  Hide
From: Nashville TN

Better than I expected

April 25, 2020
This is perfect for my Sony 100-400 mm lens and a7Riii. Should have bought this one instead of my 1.4 teleconverter last year. Big Manfrotto tripod with gear head makes it easy to take photos of ships in the harbor, 3 miles away, 800 mm.
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From: U.S.A.


June 07, 2020
I used Sony's 2X convertor with with Sony's 200mm-600mm FANTASTIC lens attached to Sony's A6500 on a tripod. Set @ 600mm focal length. EQIV= 1,800 focal length, F13. "AZALEA" Distance from flower to camera sensor 22 feet.(estimate)

Great for video reach

October 05, 2020
Great for Video reach of course but for photos on the A7R4? Just crop-in as the image looks basically identical.
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