From: Fort Lauderdale

Great wide angle option for full frame Sony

September 01, 2021
I have never spent much time with a wide angle prime so it took me a few shots to figure out the best ways to use this lens, but once I did I found it pretty rewarding. It's a 2.8 so it does a nice job with light and I was also happy with the colors. Post editing was really light, and in some cases not needed at all. The lens is light, compact and relatively inexpensive by Sony standards. It made my full frame A9 feel much smaller than I am used to. In short this lens is a great addition to anyone's kit from new user to pro. I found it a perfect landscape lens, good at full body portraits and anything large like statues or yachts. I can't imagine I would pack my camera bag for any sort of travel without it. I should mention that I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.... Read More  Hide
From: Taylors

Finally, an affordable prime full frame lens!

September 04, 2021
I was so excited to add a full frame 24mm prime to my collection! I've been using a different prime 24mm that wasn't full frame, which was very limiting and hardly actually a wide lens once the crop was on. This lens doesn't disappoint! Unlike other lenses in this price range, this lens is very solid in construction. Even though I received this lens at a discounted price, the value at retail is huge! I received this product at a discounted price through a product testing program in exchange for my honest opinion. It's fully capable of being used completely manually, or locked into auto for the camera to control. There is a button for toggling between AF and MF. I use Sony cameras, so all the features work flawlessly. It's fairly quiet and the picture is more crisp than previous 24mms that I have owned. It's still a little soft around the edges, but it is definitely an improvement! I immediately locked in the E-Mount and used it for a green screen shoot. Using the camera sideways I was able to capture a full subject in a relatively small bedroom! It looks and works wonderfully and didn't cost an arm and a leg! I am so far very pleased and would recommend to anyone who needs crisp, wide, full frame images. Especially, videographers who are shooting interior and need 4k from their cameras!... Read More  Hide
From: Dallas

Ultra-light, ultra-compact, ultra-images

September 08, 2021
First thoughts on this lens is that it is small! Especially for being a f/2.8. Along with being small it is super light, but that's not to say it isn't sturdy as I banged this against a door (by accident of course) and had it fall from about 4 feet and it still kept chugging along. The pictures this takes are crisp. I did notice that it had some hard time focusing in super dark light at one point, but it might have been an anomaly as I went out the next day for the same shot and didn't have any issues. Likely user error and I don't remember the settings I was using. The aperture adjustment ring is my favorite. I like that you can have it smooth or click. I still haven't decided which I like more. Click allows me to quickly go back, but smooth just allows a more refined adjustment. Overall this lens is awesome. I've used it on my A7C as well as my A7R3. With the A7C it's the ultimate portable power set-up. Ultra-light, and ultra-compact. With the A7R3, it holds it's own with a bigger frame. Definitely nice to have the option. It lives on A7C, but "visits" my A7R3 when I need to take a few other lenses, but am restricted on space, perfect for that role to have the ability to get the shot I need. Disclaimer: I purchased this lens at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.... Read More  Hide
From: Mountain House

Perfect lens for everyday use

September 22, 2021
I have been using Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G Lens for more than 4 weeks now. It was mounted on my A7R3 almost the whole time except few cases I needed telephoto lens. It is very familiar focal length for me, and it is great pair with Sony full frame mirrorless bodies. Image quality wise, this lens has no slouch; very sharp at wide open. I cannot give any professional opinion, but it is definitely as sharp as G-Master 24-70mm at less than 20% of the weight; How crazy it is !! Another point I want to make is its design and build quality. It is very well-made lens. Even though it is very light weight, it is made out of metal, and has de-clickable aperture, AF/MF switch, and focus hold button. Maybe manual focus ring is too small for some people, but I never really use it anyway. Overall good looking lens. I would definitely recommend this lens to anyone who wants compact, but sharp wide angle lens for everyday use. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.... Read More  Hide
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