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From: Washington DC Metro

Simply Stunning!!!

May 26, 2017
Ever since my purchase (January this year), it has become the Best companion in every photo sessions. Portrait/studio, as well as outside and street shots are just stunning!! Light intake is phenomenal, extremely sharp and well balanced. Feels good (with exception of its a bit heavy weight) and looks lovely. I use it with A7II body, ..and it enhances the camera body/look(!). (Do get lots of compliments!) Premium quality. ..and yes, 11 blade makes stunning bokeh.... Read More  Hide
From: California, United States


June 07, 2017
50mm is my favorite focal length. It's very versatile and great for travel, street photography and portraits. The images I get from this lens is truly amazing with very good sharpness throughout the frame, especially the center, even when shot wide open. CA is controlled well, distortion is almost non-existent and while there is obvious vignetting at f/1.4, it doesn't bother because it's correctable in Lightroom. The build quality is amazing. I love the aperture control ring that Sony has been adding with their current lenses and the focusing ring is super smooth. The AF/MF switch is such a welcomed addition as well. Overall, if money is no object, and you're looking for a bokehlicious lens with excellent light-gathering capability, this is the way to go. Albeit it's more expensive and larger than both the 50mm f1.8 and 55mm f1.8, it's really the best native 50mm lens for the FE mount I have used to date. It's permanently affixed on to my A7II.... Read More  Hide
From: 01970

Super Lens with a big flaw

July 22, 2020
I was so happy with this lens until 2/3's of the lens detached fell off and pulling out the two ribbon cables with no stress on the lens when it happened. I am so bummed this lens was incredible
From: LA


May 20, 2019
OK, so 1400 dollars lens right? right, should be made really well. I get it's big its large etc. but if it's supposedly the best on the market For Sony. should it not be silent AF. when it focuses, it makes a whirring noise.... like what, it should not make this noise, I called Sony and they told me that it shouldn't do this. however I went to my local camera shop and tried their lens, and it makes the same noise. so clearly it's just the lens, because it's moving so much heavy glass... put a better motor in it? like come on... so if you're looking for a dead silent focus this is not it.... aperture ring is also easily accidentally moved, which I find annoying... Read More  Hide
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