From: Texas

Paid for reliability but quality recall issued

June 27, 2020
Could be good , could be bad, no way of telling because the recall information on Sony' s website does not match the physical product. Paid a big premium for the Sony name and got the 'tough' model for critical use reliability. However these cards are now subject to a Sony recall. The Sony data pages are also misleading : The card I have is a SF-M series Tough (from the label on the front) but the back of the card is that of an SF-G Tough (no extra plastic guide grooves and the moulding has the small dot bottom left and a TV number as shown on the SF-G diagram. The start mark is also aligned with the top serial number as per the SF-G and not the bottom as per the SF-M. Makes me concerned that it is a failed SF-G product re-labelled or another quality mistake. Tried to reach out to Sony support. No online support, no phone support - trying here