wood dauber
From: Nashville, Tn

Fantastic picture

March 29, 2021
I had researched this TV, it has surpassed all my expectations. The sound is excellent, the picture is so much clearer than my previous 4K set. I am thrilled
Most Helpful
From: albany, NY

Great picture and sound but be careful with stand

February 07, 2021
The TV is top quality. The apps can be a bit moody but a reset will fix that. Today I was trying to put a cable in the back and it tipped forward and I broke the panel. The stand is not good. It wobbles and the set is top heavy so mount it on a wall or make sure you secure it. I am out a lot of money for one mistake.... Read More  Hide
From: Chandler, AZ

Nice TV but there are concerns

March 25, 2021
First the Pros, this tv has an incredible picture! The set up was fairly east especially for a luddite like me. Now the cons. The legs are cheap and the way they're made it's difficult to attach the screws unless you have really small hands or a magnetic screw driver. Also why is there no bass and treble controls? The few options for sound don't cut it at all. With all the information about handling these televisions why don't they have a handle on the back so you don't have to grab the tv by the screen and possibly damage it. When you consider the price you pay for this tv a few simple changes would bring it much closer to perfection. Now if it lasts as long as my last Sony tv (22 years) I'll be happy.... Read More  Hide