From: Westfield Massachusetts

Best phones ever!!

May 02, 2021
Sony makes the best phones, just wish they'll make them hearing aid compatible, I wear beltone amaze hearing aids and the only phones that allow live streaming are the Samsung and apple phones really want the new Sony Xperia I iii this year, please don't make it hearing aid compatible...... Read More  Hide
From: Chicago

Finally! Sony has brought all of their killer tech

May 06, 2021
I am so ready to trade in my Samsung for a Sony!! I've been a Sony fan for so long but couldn't choose their phone until now. There is no compromise with this phone. In all areas this phone excels. Top tier specs with Sony engineering. This is what I wanted to see from Sony since the first iPhone was released. It's here now and I'm on board!!... Read More  Hide
From: Gaya,Bihar

Smokin Features

May 07, 2021
I enjoy every Sony products which I have but this Xperia is completely commendable to best ever.
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From: Chattogram, Bangladesh

#Love_Xperia #Love_SONY

May 13, 2021
Sony is always delivering the best product, best in class. The Sony Xperia 1 III is exceptionally great in features, specifications and hopefully everything I like. The only problem is availability and pricing. After launching, it takes several months to be available; besides the pricing is higher than the other competitive mobile phone companies. So, as a Sony fan and user, I want to suggest for considering/rethinking about pricing and ensuring availability immediate after lunch.... Read More  Hide
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