From: North Carolina

No regrets - still much to learn.

May 11, 2022
I had two reasons for this phone: USA Dual SIM, and Camera functions. I am using this on Verizon and ATT with out issue. And with some extra dual sim software, have a work life balance with my phone! With the camera, I do some video recording, and all the other brands are having issues using external mics... looking at you Pixel 6 Pro... this phone with the external monitor, wireless control, is a dream. I have not really explored the full depth of pro level settings, and hope it can be a pocket alternative to my DSLR. I am NO Pro, but would advise if you are not a DSLR owner, or better said, don't understand ISO, Shutter speed, and other settings- this phone is NOT for you. It does not take pictures like a consumer high end phone where the software controls everything to give you Instagram like shots... this is meant to reproduce real pictures, not glamor shots. So to get the most of this sensor and settings, you must understand what Sony is doing. Next- sound. Amazing. Above most. Screen- Amazing on par with any high end phone Speed- Great- lots of power. Gaming... next level speed and fps. I love the phone- do wish it had wireless charging, but really not a negative when I have all the other features and solid build quality. Wish it wasn't so much $$ but I don't regret it one bit...