Discover all our CadMouse models:

CadMouse Pro Wireless

The full-size wireless mouse purpose-built for supremely comfortable use and precision, with superior ergonomics and lasting durability.

CadMouse Pro Wireless Left

For CAD users who prefer or require a left-handed mouse. Offering precision and advanced ergonomics in a left-handed body.

CadMouse Pro

The full-size wired mouse for power users which demonstrates 3Dconnexion’s exceptional precision technology and ultimate comfort for maximal efficiency.

CadMouse Compact Wireless

Lightweight and agile, best for professionals who prefer to use a compact form factor and want devices that are particularly suitable for mobile workstyles.

CadMouse Compact

The ideal lightweight cabled mouse for multiple grip modes and fingertip grip styles. Perfect for those wanting more agility, with exceptional precision and top comfort.

Compare CadMouse models:

CadMouse Pad & CadMouse Pad Compact

With CadMouse Pad we offer you the perfect extension for precision and smooth movements regardless of your workplace setup. With its low friction surface optimized for our sensors and a three layer construction for stability it is developed to provide you always the best experience.