APC by Schneider Electric P11VNT3 Surge Protector

APC by Schneider Electric P11VNT3 Surge Protector

    • IEEE voltage let-through rating of 40 volts
    • Complete protection for telephone/DSL, network, and coaxial connections
    • 11 standard outlets
    • 6 outlets spaced for large transformer plugs
    • Two LED indicators notify you of wiring or product faults
    • Cord management straps and rotating 8-foot cord for organization
    • Lifetime warranty
    • $100,000 equipment protection policy
APC by Schneider Electric P11VNT3 Surge Protector


Three Types of Equipment Protection

The professional-grade APC P11VNT3 Surge Protector guards both your power and data lines. You can plug in up to 2 telephone/DSL connections, a network line for Ethernet protection, 11 standard plugs, and a coaxial cable for devices such as a cable modem, cable box, DSS receiver, A/B switch, splitter, DVD players and more. Of the 11, 6 outlets are spaced to allow for large box plugs.

IEEE Voltage Let-Through Rating of 40V

Boasting an IEEE rating of 40 volts, the P11VNT3 is designed to prevent more than 40 volts of electricity from reaching your equipment. Since higher let-through rates can increase the risk of damage to your electronics, the 40-volt rating of this surge protector indicates that less voltage may strain and hinder the performance of your system.

Cord Management Straps Reduce Clutter

Whether you mount the P11VNT3 to the wall or store it on another surface, the cord management straps that come with this unit can be used to keep your workspace clear and organized. An 8-foot power cord rotates 180 degrees where it meets the surge protector, enabling further flexibility with your workspace layout. The offset plug connecting the unit to the wall leaves room for additional plugs in the wall socket.

LED Lights Notify You of Wiring Faults

This unit has two LED indicators to indicate building wiring fault and protection working. The first lets you know whether improper building wiring may present a shock hazard. The second light lets you know, before and after a surge event, whether the unit is still functioning as intended.

Lifetime Warranty and Equipment Protection Policy

This surge protector is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This product also comes with a lifetime equipment protection policy of up to $100,000. APC will repair or replace office equipment that sustains surge-related damage while properly connected to a registered P11VNT3 Surge Protector.

Package Contents

P11VNT3 Surge Protector, coaxial cable, cord management straps, telephone cable, and user manual.