Schneider Electric Industry Leading Single Phase On-Line UPS with New Smart Management Options SRT2200RMXLA

Schneider Electric Industry Leading Single Phase On-Line UPS with New Smart Management Options SRT2200RMXLA

The next generation Smart-UPS On-Line models are for customers who want a more Powerful and Efficient UPS with smart management options. These models feature Unity Power Factor and a unique Graphical LCD Interface that provides detailed information for a better customer experience. The next generation on-line exemplify why APC is the worldwide market leader in server class UPS’s and ensure that APC’s Smart-UPS On-Line will remain the benchmark of the industry.

Power and protection for network closets, server rooms, retail offices, banking, medical labs, and industrial applications. 
Schneider Electric Industry Leading Single Phase On-Line UPS with New Smart Management Options SRT2200RMXLA


SRT2200RMXLA At a Glance:

  • Provides tight voltage and frequency regulation
  • Hot-swap user replaceable batteries ensures continuous operation of the load
  • New LCD interface provides easy access for configuration and monitoring of your equipment
  • Smart Battery technology provides early notification about battery replacement. Information shown on LCD display.
  • Rack Mountable
  • Allows additional run time to be quickly added as needed

Switched Outlet Group(s)

Provides the ability to control a group of receptacles independent from the main UPS. This feature allows several options such as the ability for you to reboot hung devices without cycling the entire UPS, shedding of non-critical loads based on a wide variety of parameters, scheduling time off to conserve energy, and sequenced turn on/off.

Enhanced Intelligent Battery Management

Temperature compensated charging extends life and advanced algorithms recommend replacement date. The UPS can inform users which batteries need to be replaced in advance and auto detect when additional battery packs are added.

Graphical LCD

Intuitive, easy to use backlight LCD provides clear and accurate information with ability to configure locally. Also available in multiple languages. Multicolor backlight in different colors showing normal operation and when an issue is present. Allowing for users to easily identify the UPS status. Information available on the LCD includes load indicator, battery charge, output/input voltage, runtime, load, and battery health.

Designed specifically to enhance the features that matter most to you

The APC Smart-UPS On-Line SRT2200RMXLA provides high-density, double-conversion online power protection for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications.
  • Best-in-class power density: More real power in watts, .9pf on the SRT2200RMXLA
  • High-efficiency “Green Mode”: Achieves 97% efficiency, which saves utility and cooling costs without compromising performance or reliability. Energy Star compliant.
  • Operate without battery: Ability to immediately protect equipment when power returns after a complete discharge of the battery.
  • Built-in energy meter: Measures energy use and displays UPS efficiency in various modes of operation for easy energy tracking.
  • Rack Mountable: Ability to easily mount into a rack or enclosure
  • Smart-slot: Allows the ability to add in a network management card to manage and monitor the UPS remotely (card sold separately)
  • Optional additional battery packs: can be added to increase runtime

Extended runtime for business critical devices such as

  • Mid Range Servers (Windows/Linux)
  • Business critical servers
  • WiFi Applications
  • Data Network Backbones
  • Data Storage
  • Medical Labs
  • Imaging Systems
  • ATM Machines
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Cellular Sites
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)