27 inch 144 Hz Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, HDRi Technology l EX2780Q

  • 27 inch 2K QHD 16:9 IPS Display
  • Wide gamut space with HDR and FreeSync for smooth gameplay
  • USB-C™ One-Cable Connectivity
On Line
Off Line

HDRi Gives You the Competitive Advantage

HDRi sets you up for your best gaming experience by leveling the playing field. A built-in sensor detects ambient light levels and simultaneously assesses and adjusts on-screen images. Customized color performance, detail contrast, and image clarity deliver mind-blowing display. Make HDRi your secret weapon.
Intelligent Control
A nearly invisible sensor detects ambient light and on-screen content, then adjusts display brightness for 
your ideal viewing experience.

Stunning Clarity
HDRi improves image contrast and clarity for greater detail. Dark corners show what they’re hiding and bright areas are not overexposed.

Vivid Colors
Saturation and balance are 
refined for a mind-blowing color experience. HDRi takes color to 
the next level of 
accuracy and intensity.

What's the Difference Between HDR and HDRi?

BenQ proprietary HDRi delivers vivid color, improved contrast for better detail, and intelligent optimization.

Does 2.1 Monitor Audio Improve Gaming and Video?

Integrated 2.1 channel sound with a subwoofer lets you experience monitor audio on a new level. Hear what you've been missing.

144 Hz Refresh Rate
High refresh rate for high-speed games

Freesync™ Premium
No tearing for smooth gaming

Get the Visual Edge

EX2780Q puts you in the game. These features reveal your enemies while displaying your game with vivid accuracy.

Black eQualizer

Expose the shadows

Color Vibrance

Hidden targets become easy prey

Your Game. Your Way.

USB-C connectivity and innovative features set you up for gaming success.

Remote Control

Take control from anywhere in the room

5-key Navigator

Easy access and adjustment for all your settings

Volume Wheel

Roll up or down for easy volume control

Obsessed with Sound

EX2780Q is BenQ's first studio monitor for gaming with 2.1 channel sound -- speakers and a 5 W subwoofer. Until now, display audio was a runner up to stellar images.

BenQ changed the rules.

The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and speaker array let you customize your experience for depth, emotion, and intensity like never before.

EX2780Q. Hearing is believing.

The DSP Difference

The DSP chip lets you select the appropriate audio mode for the moment: Movie (Cinema), Music (Pop/Live), Game (Game), Dialog (Dialog/Vocal), or Party (Rock/Party).


Enemies Can't Hide


Mind-blowing Realism

Pop/ Live

Pitch Perfect Fidelity

Dialog/ Vocal

Crystal Clear Clarity

Rock/ Party

Feel the Beat

treVolo Elevated Audio

Built-in treVolo speakers offer acoustic enjoyment and a desk clear of external speaker clutter. Stellar acoustics and five custom sound modes are tailored for ideal audio. Add in treble, mid-range, and bass balance for the best monitor audio you've ever experienced.

Eye-care For You

BenQ pioneered eye-care™ technology with your wellness in mind. That's why BenQ incorporates eye-care in all of its monitors. See and feel the difference for yourself.

TÜV Rheinland Certification

Global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies EX2780Q, ZeroFlicker™, and Low Blue Light as truly friendly to the human eye.

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

Brightness Intelligence Plus adjusts display brightness and color temperature for your most comfortable viewing experience. Headaches, eye strain, and fatigue become a thing of the past. Your dream of a monitor that adapts to its surroundings just came true.

Eye Reminder

An infrared sensor detects your screen time, suggesting periodic breaks.

ePaper Mode

The eReader display balances text and background to make long reading sessions easy on the eyes.


Flicker-free technology eliminates the main cause for monitor flicker. While you’re looking at your display, your BenQ monitor is looking after your eyes.

Color Weakness Mode

Applies red and green filters to help individuals with color perception deficiency distinguish colors more easily.

Low Blue Light

Extended exposure to blue light damages eyes. Low blue light technology filters harmful blue light to protect eyes of all ages.