Cost-Effective Network Integration

Cost-Effective Network Integration

The 100-meter range limit of Ethernet cable is a problem for many applications. Instead of purchasing costly upgrades and replacing their integrated equipment to overcome this limit, companies should turn to media converters. Media converters are a cost-effective way to improve your entire network because they let you use fiber with your existing infrastructure and equipment.

Our new Pure Networking Series Media Converters provide all the functionality you need to integrate fiber and new technology into your existing networking infrastructure without breaking the bank. 

Pure Networking Media Converters Offer: 1:34

Pure Networking Media Converters Offer:

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Seamless copper-to-fiber conversion for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit and even 10-Gigabit speeds
  • Support for PoE+ to power devices like IP cameras and Wi-Fi access points
  • Standalone and high-density chassis options
  • Fixed optics and SFP

SFP Module Transceivers

Adapt an SFP slot to a fiber or copper interface and increase network switch speed with these SFPs.

Because they’re transparent to data, these SFPs are compatible with any network standard operating at speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Extended diagnostics enable these SFPs to report information such as temperature, TX and RX power, voltage and bias current.

Increase Network Reach and Speed

Break the 100-meter distance limit of CATx cable and utilize fiber links to reach distances of up to 80 km and convert link speeds from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps or from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

Maintain Investments in Existing Equipment

Migrate a local network to fiber while protecting your investment in existing copper-based hardware and maintaining your existing infrastructure.

Protect Data from EMI Interference

Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, can cause corruption of data over copper-based Ethernet links. Data transmitted over fiber-optic cable, however, is completely immune to this type of noise, ensuring optimal data transmission.

Security & Surveillance - IP Camera Backhaul

PoE+ simplifies installation of IP security cameras by eliminating the need for a power circuit near the installed device. PoE+ media converters power these devices and backhaul signals to remote data centers or operations centers.

Government & Defense - Fiber to the Desktop

Provide secure, high-performance LAN connections from the data center to desktops with fiber. Highly reliable with unsurpassed bandwidth, speed and security, fiber to the desktop is a perfect fit for government and defense applications.

Enterprise - Wireless Access Point Backhaul

PoE media converters backhaul Wi-Fi data and power access points.