Multi Gigabit Switches for SMBs

Multi Gigabit Switches for SMBs

Buffalo’s BS-MP20 Series of entry-level unmanaged multi gigabit network switches  supports the 802.3bz IEEE Standard and is the perfect scalable solution to 10GbE networking. Position your business for improved performance and efficiency.
  • Entry-level multi gigabit business switch
  • Plug and play installation
  • 8-port and 12-port models
  • Lifetime Warranty upon product registration within 90 days
Multi Gigabit Switches for SMBs

BS-MP20 Highlights

  • 10 times faster speed with 10GbE (Theoretical Values)
  • 2.5Gbps / 5Gbps speed without the need to upgrade to CAT6 cabling
  • Traffic management features availible with VLAN/QoS
  • Lifetime warranty with 24/7 North American-based technical support

Flexibility for Present & Future Needs with Scalability up to 10GbE

With growth in data & file sizes, and lower-cost 10GbE products; Prosumers/SMBs can now benefit from 10GbE networking.

With 10GbE compatible devices and category 6A (Cat 6a) or higher rated cables, you can improve your office productivity by eliminating network bottlenecks and shorten data backup time dramatically.

By Supporting IEEE 802.3bz standard, BS-MP20 also offers up to 5Gps data transfer speed even with existing cable environment.

More Than Unmanaged

The BS-MP20 offers the following major business features to meet your demand at an affordable price point. 
  • VLAN
  • Jumbo Frames
  • QoS

Multi Gigabit Networking

The primary advantage of the 802.3bz standard is the flexibility to support 2.5, 5, 10GBASE-T networks through the same switch. Small businesses are positioned to maximize current network infrastructure while preparing for a later transition to 10GbE.

Easy Installation

The BS-MP20 series utilizes Auto-MDIX, which means that every port on the switch will automatically detect the type of Ethernet cable being used, and configure the port to the correct configuration. This eliminates the needs to identify and manually set up the connection on your switch.

Energy Efficient

Buffalo switches are designed to be energy efficient in order to help control utility costs. The BS-MP switches are designed to the IEEE 802.3az standard that monitors activity status of each port, and only provides power to ports with a connected devices that's powered on.