The RollerMouse Red+ boasts a revolutionary design that is designed to keep users centralized, comfortable, and greatly reduce the chance of injury while increasing productivity by up to 19%.

Eliminate Gripping

With its unique design, RollerMouse allows users to control the cursor with an open, relaxed hand. This eliminates gripping and decreases muscle activity in the hand and fingers, allowing users to work in a comfortable position all day, while greatly reducing fatigue.

Reduce Reaching

RollerMouse, unlike a traditional mouse, sits in front of the keyboard instead of to the left or right. This unique placement eliminates the need for reaching. Users can work in comfort while reducing the risk of elbow, shoulder, and neck injuries commonly caused by traditional mice.

Sleek and Efficient

The RollerMouse Red is much more than just an appealing design, it increases productivity as well. One study found an average increase of 19% in productivity for RollerMouse Red users versus a traditional mouse. The study also found traditional mouse users were losing up to an average of an hour a day reaching for their mouse.

Button Panel Features

RollerMouse Red comes equipped with a smooth scroll wheel, 10 cursor speed settings, a one touch double click, and copy and paste shortcuts

Customize your workflow

Our bespoke driver allows users to customize the entire button panel to their workflow

Easy to control

Our unique rollerbar allows users to vary their posture and eliminate hand tension