HP 300GB SAS 15K SFF Hard Drive

HP 300GB SAS 15K SFF Hard Drive

Get fast data transfer rates with solid error detection and recovery with the 300 GB 15K RPM SAS SFF Hard Drive,1 ideal for projects that require transactional applications and where high-performance throughput and reliability are critical.
HP 300GB SAS 15K SFF Hard Drive


Reliable and high-performance SAS.

Experience the high reliability of SAS and 15K performance for all of your storage needs with sustained data transfer rates of 246 MB/s to 180 MB/s and an industry-leading 2.0 M hours MTBF reliability.

A warning system is built right in.

Receive auto-generated fault alerts if your hard drive is about to fail. Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) hard drive technology allows the hard drive to self-monitor and raise flags if an imminent failure is predicted.

New small form factor design.

Add more drives to your workstation with the smaller 2.5-inch size, which enables greater capacity or greater performance with RAID connectivity.

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