FE 28mm F2 Full-frame E-mount Prime Lens

FE 28mm F2 Full-frame E-mount Prime Lens

An excellent choice as a second lens, this full-frame 28mm wide-angle prime features a bright F2 maximum aperture and outstanding overall optical performance. Advanced optics and coatings with a 9-blade circular aperture deliver beautiful images. Internal focusing on a fast and quite linear actuator makes this lens ideal for both still and movie.
FE 28mm F2 Full-frame E-mount Prime Lens


Circular Aperture

When changing your aperture to defocus the background, the light sources appear blurred. This 'bokeh' effect of the blurred background can be enhanced with circular aperture blades used in this lens. Conventional aperture blades have flat sides creating unappealing polygonal shaped defocussed points of light. α lenses overcome this problem through a unique design that keeps the aperture almost perfectly circular from its wide-open setting to when it is closed by 2 stops. Smoother, more natural defocusing can be obtained as a result.

ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass / Super ED glass

As focal lengths get longer, lenses built with conventional optical glass have difficulties with chromatic aberration, and as a result images suffer from lower contrast, lower color quality, and lower resolution. ED glass dramatically reduces chromatic aberration at telephoto ranges, and provides superior contrast across the entire image, even at large aperture settings. Super ED glass provides enhanced compensation for chromatic aberration.

Aspherical lens elements

Aspherical lens design dramatically reduces spherical aberration while also reducing lens size and weight. Spherical aberration is a slight misalignment of the light rays projected on the image plane. This is caused by differences in refraction at different points on conventional spherical lenses which degrade image quality in large-aperture lenses. Specially shaped "aspherical" elements near the diaphragm restore alignment of light rays at the image plane, maintaining high sharpness and contrast even at maximum aperture and can also be used at other points in the optical path to reduce distortion. Well-designed aspherical elements can reduce the total number of elements required in the lens, thus reducing overall size and weight.

Internal focusing

Only the middle groups of the optical system move to achieve focus, so the overall length of the lens does not change. Other important benefits include fast autofocusing and a short minimum focusing distance. Also, the filter thread at the front of the lens does not rotate, which is convenient if you're using a polarizing filter.

Go even wider or fisheye with converters

For even wider perspectives an optional Ultra-wide Converter (SEL075UWC) and Fisheye Converter (SEL057FEC) can be added to increase the angle of view to 21mm wide-angle or 16mm fisheye with full 180° coverage, respectively. Corresponding EXIF data is generated when these converters are attached to the lens, making data management easy.1.

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Lens Type 35mm full frame
Lens Mount Type Sony E-mount
Aperture Circular
Aperture (Max.) f/2
Aperture (Min.) f/22
Focal Length (35mm equivalent) 28mm (35mm)
42mm (APS-C)
Filter Diameter 49mm
Lens Groups-Elements 8 groups, 9 elements
Minimum Focus Distance 0.96'
Angle of View 54° (APSC)
75° (35mm)
Aperture Blade 9 blades (Circular aperture)
Maximum Magnification 0.13x
Weights and Measurements
Dimensions (Approx.) 2-5/8" x 2-3/8"
(64 x 60mm)
Weight (Approx.) 7.1 oz (200g)

  • Front and rear lens cap
  • ALC-SH112 bayonet type lens hood (petal)