Fisheye Converter


Fisheye Converter

Attach the 'fisheye' conversion lens to the SEL16F28 or SEL20F28 lens of your E-mount camera for a 180-degree curvilinear view with high-definition optics.
Fisheye Converter

Enjoy the expressive fisheye perspective

Any time you want shake up the perspective, simply attach the "fisheye" converter lens.

Lens Specifications
Mount Sony-E mount
Format APS-C
Focal Length (mm) 10mm (With SEL16F28) / 13mm (With SEL20F28)
35 mm equivalent focal length (APS-C) 15mm (With SEL16F28) / 20mm (With SEL20F28)
Lens Groups / Elements 4/4
Angle of View (APS-C) 180° (With SEL16F28) / 133° (With SEL20F28)
Maximum aperture (F) 2.8 (With SEL16F28 and SEL20F28)
Minimum Aperture (F) 22 (With SEL16F28 and SEL20F28)
Maximum Magnification ratio (x) 0.048x (With SEL16F28) / 0.068x (With SEL20F28)
Size & Weight
Dimensions (D x L) 2-5/8 x 1-3/4" (66 x 44 mm)
Weight 5.3 oz (150 g)

  • Lens front cap
  • Lens rear cap
  • Carrying case