Wacom Intuos

Explore new ways to get creative 

Wacom Intuos is designed for those who are drawing, painting and photo-editing for the first time. The 4k pressure-sensitive pen gives you advanced pen performance and a realistic pen-on-paper feel. Bring your ideas to life with bonus creative software. Wacom Intuos is all you need to get creative digitally.

Battery-free pen

The first thing you’ll experience is how natural the pen feels. With its 4096 pressure levels and EMR technology, the pen delivers both precision and control. 
Shortcut keys

Four customizable ExpressKeys put your favorite keyboard shortcuts at the press of a button.
Simple setup

Connect to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, install the driver, register and start creating in no time.
Creative software to get you started

Register your tablet to receive CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO (2-year license), and try out Corel Painter Essentials 7 and Corel Aftershot Pro 3 (3-month license).

Comic & Manga

CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO (2-year license)

With natural pen strokes, quick coloring, unlimited tones and 3D figure templates, it has everything a budding comic-book artist or manga lover needs to bring action to life.

Digital Painting

Corel Painter Essentials 7 (3-month license)

Release your inner artist with a variety of painting styles, award-winning Natural-Media brushes and photo effects. Get the most out of your Intuos & create an authentic, hand-painted look every time.

RAW Photo Editing

Corel AfterShot Pro 3 (3-month license)

Turn your passion for photography into unforgettable memories with powerful processing tools and presets to enhance any image from good to great.
Distance Learning or Remote Working

If you find yourself learning or working from a new location, you can use Wacom Intuos to easily write, annotate documents or convey ideas to students or colleagues when web-conferencing.
Connect your Wacom Intuos to your Android device

Wacom Intuos is now compatible with select Android smartphones and tablets using Android OS (6.0 or later). All you need to do is purchase a compatible OTG connector and you can create whenever and wherever your creative inspiration hits.

Visit the Intuos product page on Wacom’s website to check if your Android device is compatible and to learn more about how Intuos works with Android.
Create what you want, the way you want

A graphics tablet designed entirely around your passion, the Wacom Intuos gives you all the tools you need to enhance your creativity. The 4k pressure-sensitive pen designed to suit both left- and right-handed users has an ergonomic design for ease-of-use and comfort. Whether you love to draw manga art, paint digital watercolors or retouch your photos, download creative software to suit your style.

Product Q&A

What is the difference between the models?

The key differences between the models are: size, color, and wired/wireless.

Is this only for sketching or can I use it with other software?

Wacom Intuos graphic tablets can completely replace your mouse and be used for anything, in any software program, on either a Mac or Windows computer.

Which size should I get?

Choosing the right size tablet is a personal choice depending how you plan to use it. The most popular size is medium which offers more space to move. Those with limited desk space may prefer the small one.

Can you rest your hand on it while drawing?

Yes! The only input is from the pen and the buttons on the tablet, so rest your hand on the surface and draw/write/edit naturally.

If I buy this tablet, how do I get started and how do I access my free creative software?

Install the Wacom driver, plug in your device to a Mac or PC, follow the setup wizard prompts, register your device (login to My Account, or create a Wacom ID), go to the Software Library, add the creative software you want, click Select to retrieve the software license key, download the software. 

How does Wacom Intuos work with Android devices?

Intuos is compatible with some Android devices and requires the purchase of an OTG connector for your device. Visit the Intuos product page on Wacom’s website to check if your Android device is compatible and to learn more about how Intuos works with Android.

Product Comparison

Wacom Intuos Bluetooth - Medium
Wacom Intuos Bluetooth - Medium
Size (l x w x d)
7.9 x 6.3 x 0.35 in
7.9 x 6.3 x 0.35 in
10.4 x 7.8 x 0.35 in
Active Area
6.0 x 3.7 in
6.0 x 3.7 in
8.5 x 5.3 in
Pen/Pressure Sensitivity
4k Pen/4096
4k Pen/4096
4k Pen/4096
Connectivity Technology
Wired - USB
Built-in Bluetooth or Wired - USB
Built-in Bluetooth or Wired - USB
Black, Pistachio Green
Black, Pistachio Green
Shortcut Keys
OS Required
Mac OS X 10.11 or later, Windows 7 or later (except Windows 10 S)
Mac OS X 10.11 or later, Windows 7 or later (except Windows 10 S)
Mac OS X 10.11 or later, Windows 7 or later (except Windows 10 S)
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty
1 year warranty
1 year warranty
Why Buy This Model
Entry-level choice
Entry-level with wireless
Big entry-level with wireless

Why Wacom

Your Brand for all things creative

With over 35 years of experience in digital pen tablet technology, you can trust Wacom to deliver products to bring your creativity to the next level. From entry level products to advanced tools for professional artists, Wacom inspires & equips people to make the world a more creative place.