Wacom One

Today is Day One

Wacom One is a digital pen display for all creative uses whether at home, work or play. Sketch, paint or edit photos, sign documents digitally, or take notes – the digital pen & 13.3” HD screen are ready to go and come with software to get you started. Get off to a flying start with Wacom One.
Raise your game to a new level
Make the move to digital

Feels like pen & paper, works like magic. With no need for batteries or charging, the Wacom One pen is ready when you are and feels just right in your hand. With surface friction on the HD screen, it feels like you’re drawing/writing on real paper…so real, you’ll forget you’re doing it digitally.
Get off to a flying start with included creative software

Register your Wacom One to get free access to Adobe Fresco for illustration and design (6-month license); Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for image editing (2-month membership); Bamboo Paper Pro app for sketching, journaling and note-taking; Clip Studio Paint Pro for drawing and painting (3-month license); and Magma Studio for real-time online collaborative art (3-month Pro license).

Wacom One allows for working in precise detail when drawing, sketching or jotting down notes on your Mac or Windows computer. If you’re looking to add more screen to your Android smartphone or tablet, you can easily connect it to Wacom One with an OTG adapter (sold separately). Visit Wacom's website for a list of compatible Android devices.

In addition, Wacom One is tested and confirmed by Wacom to be compatible with Chromebook, so it can be used by teachers for enhancing lessons or by budding artists looking to get creative on their Chromebook (some devices require adapters).  Pen must be used with the tablet to function with Chrome OS. This product works with devices capable of running the latest version of Chrome OS. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with safety requirements. 

Customize your digital pen experience

You’re bound to love the pen that comes with Wacom One. But a pen is a very personal thing. That's why Wacom is working with leading pen brands to provide a great selection of digital pens that work on Wacom One. You’re sure to find the right option to fit your creative style.
Support for teachers

Teachers can present online lessons in math, chemistry and more, easily and naturally with a pen display. Wacom One comes with 3-month trials of EdTech software to allow teachers to continue the teaching methods they know from the classroom and use it to create powerful learning moments.
Explore unlimited creativity
Draw and Sketch

Imagine a pen that can be whatever you want at the click of a button (paintbrush, marker, pencil, chalk) & a screen on which you can undo any mistake.
Capture Ideas

With the familiar feeling of pen on paper, Wacom One lets you capture ideas, create mind-maps, draw diagrams & share them with colleagues and friends.
Enhance Photos and Videos

Connect your phone to Wacom One and, with the ease of a pen, edit/personalize your photos & videos to help you stand out on your social media channels.
Improve Remote Work or Distance Learning

If you find yourself learning or working from a new location, you can use Wacom One to easily write, annotate documents or convey ideas to students or colleagues when web-conferencing.
Award Winner

Wacom One was recognized at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show by Trusted Reviews and Slashgear, winning multiple awards, including “Best in Show”. Additionally, CNET listed Wacom One as one of their select few "Useful Gear for Working from Home".

Why Wacom

If you’ve seen it, driven it, or worn it... it was likely designed on a Wacom

Film-makers, animators, industrial and fashion designers around the globe continue to choose Wacom tablets and displays as their trusted everyday creative solution for good reason... With over 35 years of experience in digital pen technology, Wacom delivers high-quality products that help bring your creativity to the next level. From entry level products to advanced tools for professional artists, Wacom inspires & equips people to make the world a more creative place.