GearPower USB-C Car Charger

GearPower USB-C Car Charger

Key Features

  • USB-C (5V 3A) output allows charging of USB-C tablets and/or smartphones
  • Compact design plugs into any 12V vehicle lighter socket or power port
  • Additional 5V 1A USB charging port
  • Charges most USB compatible mobile devices
GearPower USB-C Car Charger


Charge your USB-C and USB-A devices

If you have a mix of devices, IOGEAR has made life easier for you. IOGEAR's GearPower USB-C Car Charger has both a USB-C and USB-A port to charge your smartphone, tablet, and other USB compatible devices while on the road. Boasting the USB 3.1 specification, the GearPower car charger allows you to charge USB-C devices at up to 3A and the extra USB-A port allows you to fast charge all your other devices, simultaneously.

Powerful and Compact

We designed the GearPower to pack a lot of charging power into a package so small you'll barely notice it on your dashboard. The compact, low-profile power adapter fits perfectly into the cigarette lighter plug or 12V power port found in nearly every vehicle. When plugged in, the GearPower Car Charger will not interfere with shifters, drinks in cup holders, etc. and its compact design allows it to fit easily inside a purse or backpack, making it easy to transfer between vehicles.

Road Warrior

Staying connected can drain your device's battery rapidly and charging your device while in the car is a convenient solution to keeping your devices charged by the time you reach the office, school, or other destination. The extra USB port doubles your charging potential by allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. With the GearPower Car Charger, you can arrive with a full charge, every time.

Dual Charge

USB-C and USB Type-A dual outputs: simultaneously charge tablets, smartphones, cameras, and virtually any USB device.

Fastest Charging

Arrive with a full charge every time, and don't miss a moment!

Highly Compatible

A versatility super-hero, GearPower is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows devices.


Compact design plugs into any 12V vehicle light socket or power port to keep up with your life on-the-go.


Connectors USB-C, USB Type-A
Power On Green
Amps USB-C:3A Output, USB Type-A: 1A Output
Voltage +5VDC Output (x2)
Power Input Rating
Unit Power 12VDC
POP Information
10'' Peg Hook 5
6'' Peg Hook 3
Unit Dimensions
Height 1.5" (3.81cm)
Depth 1" (2.54cm)
Length 3" (7.62cm)
Inner Pack
Width 12.6" (32cm)
Height 6.35" (16.13cm)
Length 4.75" (12.07cm)
Inner Pack Qty. 6
Unit Package Dimensions
Width 4.3" (10.92cm)
Height 5.75" (14.61cm)
Depth 2" (5.08cm)
Master Carton
Width 13.5" (34.29cm)
Height 13.5" (34.29cm)
Depth 10" (25.4cm)
Master Carton Qty. 24
Master Carton Wt. 6.70lb (3.02kg)
Inner Pack Wt. 1.40lb (0.64kg)
Unit Pack Wt. 0.20lb (0.08kg)
Unit Wt. 0.05lb (0.02kg)

What's in the Box

  • 1 x GPAC3C12
  • 1 x Warranty Card