From: Alberta

Great picture

January 05, 2021
We bought this the other day and the picture is sharp and bright. Great viewing. Too bad your registration card and most of the instructions were for Mexico.
dom longtin

easy set up

February 16, 2021
A good product at a fair price. The initial setup was very user friendly. Image is very good and the built in speakers are fair, an pair of external speakers reallu ups the experience. At first, i was almost afraid that 65inch would be to wide but no, i could have gone to 75". My viewing distance is 98''.... Read More  Hide
Most Helpful
From: Markham

colors sounds and resolution superb

December 02, 2020
apart from the compliments I put in the title, I am very disatified with the following faults: 1. tons of restrictions and limits downloading new apps....not even popular apps as CNN, CGTN, Baidu..... 2. streaming serial dramas like Korean and even Canadian are always stuck at 24% with loss of video or voice.......restarting /rebooting the TV as coached through Sony support works only for a few days and you have to go thru the same hazzle again 3. Built in chromecast does not work with message saying "not available in my country.... 4. it could display Chinese but it would no accept Chinese input 5. Getting support from live chat, or email or phone takes forever and did not solve my disappointment... Read More  Hide