Good but could be better 4 little additional cost

August 29, 2018
Fantastic service - delivered within 24 hours of ordering. Easy to set-up for printing but you have to work a bit harder to get scanning to work. Lacks a few features: - There are 2 paper tray but you can only use one tray per job. Why? This is crazy the paper size should be dictated by the document to be printed not by the printer staying with the paper size of the first sheet. - Why is the ADF only capable of handling A4 paper when the scanner can handle A3? - The scanner software is rather limiting and I am sure that it does not allow the full capability of the hardware to be exploited.... Read More  Hide
Luke loves it!

Luke loves it!

August 24, 2018
So easy to handle however a little square, I prefer globe shapes

very good print

August 21, 2018
has a very small display, difficult to use by the size of the icons.

Good Printer

August 20, 2018
Does what it says it will. ADF very efficient and invaluable for multi duplex copy/scan/print. Worked faultlessly on a 35 page double sided A4 scan project. Particularly liked the fast 'single pass' facility for duplex operation. No longer have to wait while the ADF scans both sides of each page separately. Print quality seems to be fine in both document and photo modes. The twin paper tray system works just fine, although I haven't tried it with A3 paper so far. However, on the negative side, the very small 'control' panel is incredibly fiddly to use and is a retrograde step in my view. Far happier with the 'old fashioned' LCD screen with separate button panel as fitted on some previous printers.... Read More  Hide