Excellent Printer

April 19, 2018
All-in-one Printer with A3 paper size is perfect with wi-Fi.

Great features; 2 trays; but quite noisy.

April 16, 2018
I like this printer. It's big and impressive, the cashback offer was an incentive. It is a bit noisy, and time will tell how cheap it is to run, but it gives excellent prints on lots of different media.

HP Rinter

April 16, 2018
Works well and is good quality with outstanding features.

Fundamental Design Flaw

April 14, 2018
I have noted that there is a MAJOR design omission with the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format All-in-One series Printer that I have purchased. My previous HP ColorPro CAD printer had a Dust Cover for paper tray when it was extended to accommodate A3 paper. However, I note that with the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format All-in-One series Printer there is not such Cover Plate and therefore the extended Tray is left exposed to dust as there are a number of holes despite the flip cover. Further, the printer looks incomplete as without any cover there is a potential catch hazard when the tray is extended. Clearly the HP designers all those many years ago where far more in tune with the practicalities and aesthetics as oppose to the HP designers of present. If however, such a cover does exist then I would very grateful if you could kindly send me one as a gesture of goodwill for the disappointment caused. If one does not exist then I would highly recommend that HP put such a part into production as it clearly is a fundamental mistake not to have produced such a part. I look forward to your reply very shortly.... Read More  Hide